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Municipal Court


The firm regularly appears before the Municial Courts throughout Morris County.  The Municipal Courts are courts of limited jurisdiction.  They hear: (1) motor vehicle offenses;  (2) disorderly persons offenses; and (3) local ordinance violations.




If you are charged with a motor vehicle offense, you will likely receive a dozen letters from attorneys who will attempt to scare you into hiring them.  We don't believe that is the best approach.  When a potential client calls the office, the first thing we do is determine if they even need a lawyer.  Many potential clients are charged with minor offenses, which do not jeopardize their license or their insurance rates.  If you have been issued a motor vehicle citation, feel free to call the office to determine whether you need an attorney and, if so, whether you wish to hire Decker & Finchler.




In New Jersey, the Criminal Code contains two levels of offenses:  (1) crimes and (2) disorderly persons offenses.   Many people are familiar with the distinction between a felony and misdemeanor.  Well, in New Jersey, a crime is the equivalent of a felony and a disorderly persons offense is the equivalent of a misdemeanor.  Common disorderly persons offenses include simple assault, harassment, possession of marijuana and shoplifting.  If you have been charged with a disorderly persons offense, it is a good idea to at least consult with an attorney to understand the consequences of a guilty plea.




Municipalities have the authority to issue citations for violations of local ordinances.  Those citations often involve the property maintenance code, noise issues or occupancy violations of apartments or houses.  Local ordinance violations often involve substantial financial penalties.  


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