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Divorce Mediation


Todd M. Finchler is a qualified divorce mediator and has participated in hundreds of mediations as an attorney and as a mediator.


The vast majority of divorce cases are resolved by the parties - not a judge.  Court statistics state that fewer than one percent of all divorce cases proceed to trial, where judges make decisions because the parties cannot agree.  The court system affords the parties many opportunities to settle their divorce cases - from the Early Settlement Panel to Economic Mediation to the Intensive Settlement Conference.  That is because judges know cases are almost always resolved when two sides sit down and share the same goal of resolution.


Divorce mediation is a much more efficient, less expensive and a quicker means of resolving a dispute than conventional litigation.


Even better - the firm does not require a large retainer to mediate a case.  In fact, there is no retainer.  Clients pay for mediation services as the time is spent.


If you believe that mediation is appropriate for your matter, please feel free to call Todd to discuss further. 

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